Leucoderma or vitiligo is a skin condition caused due to melanin pigment deficiency and is prevalent among people across race, gender, geography, religion, and caste.

According to latest statistics, four per cent of the country’s population is affected by leucoderma and Tamil Nadu alone accounts for 36 lakh people , a majority of them youngsters.

The main problem confronting these youngsters is that though the condition does not preclude them from leading a normal healthy family life, the stigma attached to leucoderma handicaps them from finding suitable life partners.

To address the problem, the Chennai-based Leucoderma Awareness Movement–India has proposed to organise a mass ‘swayamwaram’ exclusively for the people with leucoderma at National College in the city on January 27, 2013. This will be the first programme of its sort in South India, K.Umapathy, secretary of the body, told presspersons here on Friday.

He said it has been scientifically proven that leucoderma does not cause any health issues .

However, the pain and suffering that the affected people undergo due to social neglect is enormous. The white spots on the skin start appearing on an individual in the age between 13-40 years. When they attain marriageable age, none including the close relatives, come forward to marry them .

Irrespective of educational qualification and economic status, marriage for leucoderma affected people remains a question mark, Mr.Umapathy said adding that the ‘swayaramwaram’ has been planned to address the problem. Those affected by leucoderma, their relatives, and others can participate.

By getting married into a family that is well aware of leucoderma, the bride or the groom can be free from the fear of ill-treatment.

This would also create a positive attitude among other leucoderma-affected , giving them hope for a suitable life partner and dispel their fears over successful marriage life , Mr.Umapathy said.

The movement in the past had managed to organise the marriage of a few leucoderma-affected , and they have been leading a successful married life, he said.

Those seeking a life partner can register their names by contacting phone numbers 044-22265507 / 65381157.


Leucoderma patients shy away from treatmentApril 13, 2013