The Hindu – Newspaper in Education session initiates students into identifying role models

Quite often, children are advised to dream big. The desire to achieve fostered by such a dream necessarily involves identifying role models worthy of emulation.

Standard VIII students of Vignesh Sri Renga Matriculation Higher Secondary School were initiated into identifying one such role model during a recent session of The Hindu – Newspaper in Education. The session constituting a module on Walt Disney was a component of the theme: Emulate the Achievers.

To begin with, resource person Sharada Mowli gave them hints such as the man behind amusement park, cartoon characters, screenplay writer, animator, winner of many Oscar awards et al, to arrive at the answer.

This activity activated the attentiveness of the students to prepare them for the next task.

The task was to think. To dream, in fact, on what they intend to do for the society. Students were quick to list their dreams for the society’s betterment. And then, their final task was to make out the attributes that made Walt Disney stand apart as an achiever on multiple fronts. After the duration of student discussions, the resource person intervened to consolidate their discussions.

They could now understand the four Cs that contributed to the success of Walt Disney: Curiosity, Confidence, Courage and Consistency.

These are the factors that binds all achievers, explained Ms. Mowli, adding that all can make achievements in their own ways through conformity to the four Cs.