People have to learn to live in harmony with nature thereby protecting the environment and other living beings that inhabit the earth, said Collector J. Uma Maheswari here on Wednesday.

Addressing winners of the various competitions for students held in connection with the wildlife week celebrations here, the Collector said the green cover in Karur district was low and efforts were required in this regard.

“Only when we learn to live in harmony with nature, could we expect nature to behave in the manner that has been there for several hundred years. When man indulges in affecting nature and its composition through pollution and deforestation, humankind will be forced to repent for generations. This should be avoided at any cost,” she pointed out.

The development of mankind has been intertwined with that of nature and wildlife. Any break in their ranks would not augur well for the future. Only when people go against nature, will they be forced to face nature's fury like in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts, the Collector observed.

Every individual should take a vow to plant and raise at least 25 trees during one's life time as a contribution to Mother Nature, Ms. Uma Maheswari said.

In Karur district, though the area categorised as Reserve Forests was meagre, species such as Slow Lorris, Slender Lorris, bison and deer were found in the forest areas surrounding the district especially in the Kadavur region adjoining Dindigul district. Likewise, in the Taragampatti region, a lot of peacocks and peahens are thriving. People should learn to respect the sanctity of wildlife, she emphasized.

She gave away prizes and certificates to award winning students in the competitions held in connection with the Wildlife Week celebrations.

District Forest Officer P. Thangavelu; District Elementary Education Officer Subramanian; District Environmental Coordinator S. Ravichandar; Forest Range Officers M. Muneeswaran (Kadavur) and A. Nagarajan (Karur) were among those who spoke.