All shops and industries liable to declare holiday with wage for their labourers on Independence Day

The Labour Welfare Department has booked 90 cases against shops, commercial establishments, and transport operators in Tiruchi and Pudukottai districts for failing to provide holiday to labourers on Independence Day.

Under the Tamil Nadu Industrial Establishment (National and Festival Holidays) Act, all shops and industries were liable to declare a holiday with wage for their labourers on Independence Day. In case they were not able to do so, labourers have to be provided compensatory off or double wage.

The consent of the labourers should be obtained in the relevant forms and sent to the Assistant Inspector of Labour.

A team of officials from the department conducted inspections to ensure the implementation of the rule, leading to the booking of cases, S.Sundararaju, Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Enforcement), Tiruchi, said in a release.

During inspections conducted in Pudukottai district on Tuesday, cases were booked against five establishments for failing to put up name boards in Tamil and two others for failing to provide lunch interval for labourers.

This apart, 61 cases were booked against various shops and commercial establishments for failing to get their weights and measures re-stamped within the stipulated period and for violations of rules in selling packaged commodities.

Cases were registered against two ration shops for under measurement of commodities.