Kuruvai will be raised on 6,000 hectares of land in Tiruchi district, Joint Director of Agriculture J. Sekar said at the agriculturists’ grievances meeting in Tiruchi on Friday.

For this, about 27 tonnes of certified seeds of ADT 36 and ADT 43 were kept ready at the agriculture extension centres for distribution to farmers, he added. Besides, stocks of pulse seeds and oil seeds were ready.

Referring to the “uzhavar peruvizha”, he said of the 507 revenue villages in the district, the festival had been completed in 171 benefitting over 44,000 farmers. Basic statistics for drafting farm crop management plan had been collected from over 18,000 farmers. Over 15,000 farmers had been given integrated guides and input to the tune of Rs. 34 lakh had been distributed to over 20,000 farmers.

Under the National Agriculture Development Programme, it had been planned to extend 80 per cent subsidy for 36 irrigation pumpsets in the delta taluks for operating them by using solar power, it is said.