Nagapattinam collector orders closure of schools in Mayiladuthurai town on Wednesday

The central districts recorded heavy and widespread showers for the third consecutive day on Wednesday that bought some cheers to the delta farmers.

THANJAVUR: Various parts of Thanjavur district experienced heavy downpour. Kumbakonam experienced the maximum rainfall of 105 m.m. in the district in the last 24 hours that ended at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Manjalaru received 95.2 m.m.; Tiruvidaimaruthur 82.6 m.m.; Lower Anaicut 76 m.m.; Papanasam 67 m.m.; Tiruvaiyaru 35.3 m.m.; Tirukkattupalli 31.2 m.m.; Eachanviduthi 26.2 m.m.; Budalur 19.6 m.m.; Ayyampettai 18 m.m.; Adiramapattinam 17.2 m.m.; Grand Anaicut 14.8 m.m.; Peravurani 14.2 m.m.; Pattukottai 14 m.m.; Thanjavur 5.8 m.m.

TIRUVARUR: In Tiruvarur district, Valangaiman experienced the maximum rainfall of 47.4 m.m. during the same period, followed by Kodavasal 39.6 m.m., Nannilam 36.3 m.m., Tiruvarur 26.2 m.m.; Muthupettai 17.2 m.m.; Needamangalam 9.8 m.m.; Tiruthuraipoondi 7.2 m.m.; Pandavaiyar head 6.8 m.m. and Mannagudi 6 m.m.

NAGAPATTINAM: Various parts of Nagapattinam district received heavy downpour. Tarangambadi registered the maximum rainfall of 87 m.m. in the last 24 hours that ended at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Manalmedu recorded 84.8 m.m.; Sirkazhi 72.8 m.m.; Mayiladuthurai 69.1 m.m.; Anaikarachathiram 47 m.m.; Nagapattinam 25.4 m.m.

Following the heavy rainfall, the Collector ordered the closure of all schools in Mayiladuthurai town on Wednesday.

TIRUCHI: Tiruchi city received a couple of spells of sharp showers in the morning and the afternoon, making for chilly weather right through the day.

The rain, though not adequate yet to raise the water table, has however raised the hopes of farmers in the rainfed areas waiting to take up samba paddy cultivation.

Pullampadi recorded the maximum rainfall of 40.60 mm during the 24 hour period ending at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. The chief amount of rainfall recorded in other parts of the district during the same period (in mm) were: Nandhiyar Head 37; Kallakudi 36.20; Lalgudi 33; Thuvakudi 28; Samayapuram 25; Devimangalam 20; Upper Anicut 19; Tiruchi Junction 17.20; Tiruchi Airport 16.60; Thenparanadu 17; Golden Rock 14.20 and Tiruchi Town 10.40.

KARUR: Some parts of Karur district experienced rain during the day while the sky remained cloudy and overcast all through on Wednesday.

Moderate and widespread rainfall was witnessed across the district in the 24 hours ending 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday.

The chief amount of rainfall recorded in important locations during the period are Panjapatti 28.6 m.m.; Thogamalai 11 m.m.; Palaviduthi 10.2 m.m.; Anaipalayam 6 m.m.; Kulithalai 5m.m.