Muthupettai got 79 mm.; Nannilam 37.2 mm.; Valangaiman 35.2 mm.; and Tiruvarur town 11.8 mm during the same period in Tiruvarur district.

Various parts of central districts experienced widespread rainfall for the second consecutive day on Tuesday. The sky remained overcast throughout the day.

Kodavasal experienced the maximum rainfall of 90.2 mm. in the last 24 hours that ended at 8 a.m. on Tuesday followed by Muthupettai got 79 m.m.; Nannilam 37.2 m.m.; Valangaiman 35.2 m.m.; Pandavaiyar head 28.4 m.m.; Tiruthuraipoondi 27.4 m.m.; Mannargudi 22 m.m.; Needamangalam 20.2 m.m. and Tiruvarur town 11.8 m.m during the same period in Tiruvarur district.

Sporadic and moderate rainfall was witnessed in various parts of Karur district on Tuesday. The sky remained cloudy and overcast, breaking into intermittent drizzle often in many places. All through the day, the sun was shrouded by cloudy conditions and never really shone through, adding to the gloomy conditions.

The chief amounts of rainfall received in important locations across Karur district in the 24 hours ending 8.30 a.m. on Tuesday are as follows: Mylampatti 20 m.m.; Aravakurichi 6.6 m.m.; K. Paramathi 3.2 m.m. and Anaipalayam 3 m.m.

In Tiruchi district, Kuppampatti experienced the maximum rainfall of 26 m.m.; followed by Navalur Kuttappattu 17 m.m.; Marungapuri 15.2 m.m.; Kallakkudi 15.1 m.m.; Thenparanadu 13 m.m.; Tiuchi junction 11 m.m.; Thuvakudi 8 m.m.; Pallambadi 7.6 m.m.; Airport 6.5 m.m. and Samayapuram 6 m.m.

In Perambalur district, Thazhutazhai got 13 m.m.; Venbavur and Padalur 9.m.m. and Perambalur town 7.05 m.m.