The attitude of Karnataka is against the federal character of the Constitution, and hence the State government should be dismissed, demands Tamilaga Eri Matrum Aatrupasana Vivasayigal Sangham.

In a statement, its State president P.Viswanathn said the failure to ensure compliance of Karnataka to the directions of Supreme Court, the Cauvery River Authority, and Cauvery Monitoring Committee by the Centre is so unbecoming of its position. “It is because of the indifference of the Central government that farmers in Tamil Nadu have been forced to resort to suicides,” he alleged.

"The Centre should not only dismiss the Karnataka government but also ensure provision of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu as per the Final Award of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal by bringing al the reservoirs in Karnataka under the control of the army. Thus Tamil Nadu would get its share of 132 thousand million cubic feet for the 2012-13 irrigation year,” he pleaded. Besides, the Award of the Tribunal should be gazetted at the earliest, he added.

He appealed to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to convene an all-party meeting and get the support of all the parties for getting the rightful share of water from Karnataka. If the Central government were to fail to pay heed to their appeal, all the MPs from Tamil Nadu should put in their papers, he added.

Mr.Viswanathan demanded that entire Tamil Nadu should be declared “drought-hit” and the families of farmers who committed suicide should be granted a solatium of Rs.10 lakh each.

The farmers who lost their crops should be given a compensation of Rs.35,000 per acre and all the loans obtained by the farmers from cooperative and nationalised banks should be written off.