To be utlised for training farmers, agricultural engineers and water managers on latest techniques

An irrigation park featuring modern irrigation equipment and technologies, to be used for demonstration purposes and to train farmers, was inaugurated at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University's Agricultural Engineering College at Kumulur near Tiruchi recently.

The park was inaugurated by P.Murugesa Boopathi, vice chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Boopathi said the irrigation park would be put to use for training farmers, agricultural engineers and water managers in latest irrigation technologies and precision farming.

Various equipment

The park features various equipment, including surface irrigation systems, micro-sprinklers, turf sprinklers, impact sprinklers, rain gun, drip and sub-surface drip irrigation for various crops.

The TNAU, he said, was taking steps for increasing crop productivity with limited use of water through application of modern technologies.

A.Tajuddin, Dean, Agricultural Engineering College, Kumulur, said farmers could save up to 60 per cent of water and achieve 100 per cent increase in yield through the use of latest technologies which are demonstrated at the park.

Fertigation devices

The head control unit of the park is equipped with valves, filters and fertigation devices.

The park would be expanded further to accommodate irrigation automation devices.

Drip irrigation

K.Kannappan, professor and head, Department of Agricultural Sciences, said emphasis was being laid on promotion of sub-surface drip irrigation for banana and sugarcane.

The park was designed and created by S.Somasundaram, assistant professor (agronomy) and K.Nagarajan, associate professor (soil water conservation), Agricultural Engineering College.