The Central Institute of Classical Tamil (CICT) has sought Rs.350 crore from the Central government during the 13th five year plan period to take up various research works in Classical Tamil said K.Ramasamy, Officer in-charge of the Institute, here on Monday.

Inaugurating a 10-day workshop on music and dance in ancient Tamil literature organised by the Institute and Music department of Tamil University, Mr.Ramasamy said that fund is not a problem as Human Resource Development Ministry of the Union government was ready to provide whatever required by the Institute. But the problem is in spending it.

"We are dearth of scholars to take up the research work planned by the Institute. Because of this, funds provided by the Centre could not be fully utilised every year.

Various institutions in the State doing research in Tamil should utilise the funds provided by the Institute," he said.

It is involved in bringing out definitive editions of 41 classical Tamil texts, translation of these into English and other major European languages, as well as into many leading Indian languages.

Other activities include development of material for online teaching of Tamil, writing historical grammar to Tamil, establishment of digital library, and promotion of multidisciplinary research in classical Tamil. The CICT has so far conducted 200 workshops in the last five years. He said that separate departments should be started for Silapadhikaram and Manimekalai in colleges and universities as there is separate schools for Rig, Yajur, Sama, and Atharvana vedas in Sanskrit. M.Thirumalai, Vice Chancellor, Tamil University, said Sri Lankan students are coming to Tamil University for doing research and study music.

E.Ankayarkanni, Professor and Head, Department of Music, Tamil University, T.Chandrakumar, Dean of Arts, and S.Parimala, Registrar of Tamil University, participated.