Huge pits dug for repairing drinking water mains on both sides of the lane left uncovered

Residents of one of the lanes of Indian Bank Colony have had a harrowing time over the past few weeks as access to their lane has been blocked at both ends with pits dug for repairing drinking water mains.

Residents of the lane, also known as David Colony, situated in an otherwise well-developed locality along the K.K. Nagar Main Road, started facing problem ever since the work on laying drinking water mains to carry water to Sundar Nagar and Renga Nagar was taken up several months ago.

The concrete road on the street was dug to lay the drinking water mains.

But over the past few months, a huge pit on the K.K. Nagar Main Road has been left uncovered apparently as water is leaking from the water mains at the spot. More recently, a huge pit was dug on the Indian Bank Colony Main Road, which is the other end of the street.

The huge pit was dug apparently after water mains burst at the inter-link, and started leaking here too. Locals say the uncovered pits with no warning signboard pose a danger to motorists and children.

“Effectively, both ends of our street have been blocked now. Cars and autos cannot enter the street. Even two-wheelers find it difficult to get inside. In case of emergencies, people have to be physically carried to ambulances at the entrance to the street along the K.K. Nagar Main Road,” says R. Jawaharlal, a resident of the street.

The open drains along the street were damaged at some places and fully clogged at another end after the concrete road on the street was dug for laying pipelines. A foul smell permeates the area as sewage and water stagnates at the drains and the pits. They have also turned breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Repeated representations to corporation officials have failed to evoke any response, he says.

When contacted, a corporation official said the work was part of improvement work being executed under the new drinking water augmentation scheme for providing supply to seven overhead tanks in K.K. Nagar region. The pits were left open for conducting checks and they would be closed in a day or two, he said.