BHEL has honoured ORBIT as the best ancillary unit 10 times

Over its four decades of existence, ORBIT (Organisation for Rehabilitation of the Blind) in Tiruchi has grown steadily to symbolise better productivity of visually challenged people.

ORBIT earned a niche for itself in whatever product it manufactured since its initiation in 1973 by a group of philanthropists.

It started off by manufacturing chalk piece and supplied the same to the schools and colleges in the State. Subsequently, when the organisation manufactured soap bars too, it won appreciation for quality from the Small Industries Development Corporation.

Later, after BHEL, Tiruchi, accorded ORBIT the status of an ancillary unit, the organisation made winning a habit. For ten times, the BHEL has honoured ORBIT as the best ancillary unit. The State Government awarded ORBIT twice, for the first time in 2001 and later in 2009. The icing on the cake was the Centre’s recognition with Best Private Organisation Award in 2010.

According to ORBIT president R. Pandi, BHEL and the State Bank of India were the organisation’s two eyes. The ORBIT, he said, had so far provided consultancy support for 100 persons and recommended jobs in other organisations for 300 persons. The organisation had been providing support to several people with disabilities for securing the benefits of government welfare schemes.

As an ancillary unit of BHEL, the organisation’s employees could prove that they were nearly 25 per cent more productive than normal workers. Their capacity for focused attention to work was the reason for their higher productivity, according to the District Collector Jayashree Muralidharan who addressed ORBIT’s employees on the occasion of the organisation’s 40th anniversary.

The Collector, who earlier visited their workplace, recounted how one of the employees went about his work methodically, unmindful of the presence of guests. The visit was quite fulfilling, she said, complimenting the organisation for completing the job work for BHEL within March 31 and achieving a turnover of Rs. 4 crore. Such a performance in a situation of economic downturn was remarkable, she said.

The concept of employees owning the organization was unique, she said and attributed its growth to their dedication.

The Collector honoured the employees with gifts on the occasion in the presence of ORBIT Founder Secretary P. Gnanadurai Michael, its president P.R. Pandi, and Secretary A. Palanichamy.