A total of 49 government schools, including two corporation schools, have achieved 100 per cent pass in Tiruchi revenue district in the SSLC public examination results declared on Friday. While Tiruchi educational district accounted for 21 schools which managed the magical figure, Musiri district accounted for 19 schools, and Lalgudi educational district nine schools.

There are 170 government schools and 22 government adi dravida welfare schools in the district. Apart from the government schools, 40 aided schools, and 90 self-financing schools too secured 100 per cent pass, according to official sources.

The most impressive performer among government schools is the Government Girls HSS , Manachanallur. All the 457 girls of the school, who took the exam, cleared it. A few other government schools too have sent more than 200 students and have recorded cent per cent success rate.

The successful performance of such large number of government schools is attributable to the special coaching provided to students after the regular school hours. The initiative taken by education department officials with the active cooperation of school heads and teachers have provided rich dividends. The education department with the assistance of private sponsors provided special study materials to low-scoring students. It also imparted extra coaching for the bright students, with an eye on State ranks.

In many villages, the parent-teachers associations have extended a helping hand to the initiative of the education department and school authorities.

Some of the government schools that secured 100 per cent pass in Tiruchi educational district are: Government HSS, Ettarai (178 students); Government HS, Malaiyadipattai (50), Government HS, Annampatti (44); GHS, KK Nagar (41); Government HS, Ambikapuram (32); GHS, Karumakavundanpatai (31); Government Girls HS, Annanagar (25); Adidravida GHS, Solamadevi (21); Government Girls HSS for Blind, Puthur (14); and GHS, Thayanur (13).

The government schools which managed the magic 100 per cent pass figure in Musiri educational district include GHS, Paithamparai (124); GHS, Sobanapuram (93); GHS, Kattuputhur (72); GHSS, Moovanur (71); GHS, Serukudi (53); GHS, Kannanur (51); GHS, Sikkathampur (43); GHS, Naduvalur (39); GHS, Thinnanur (33); GHS, Sukkampatti (32); GHS, Nachampatti (28); GHS, Pillapalayam (27); GHS, Nagaiyanallur and GHS, Udaiyakulampudur (both of 25 each); Government Adidravida Welfare School, Sikkathampur (24); GHS, Thiruthiyamalai (18); Government Adidravida HS, Koppampatti (16); Government Adidravida HS, Nagalapuram (15); Government TR HS, Chinnaeluppur (10).

In Lalgudi educational district, Government Girls HSS, Manachanallur (457); GHSS, Peruvalappur (191); GHS, Tiruppainjili (133); GHS, Poonampalaiyam (51); Government HS, Omanthur (40); GHS, Oottathur (34); GHS, Kanakiliyanallur and GHS, Perahambi (both 32 each) are among the schools that brought in cent per cent results.

Some government schools missed the cent per cent results, despite sending a good number of students for the examination: Government HSS, Poolampatti, registered 99.3 per cent (appeared 143 / passed 142); Pulivalam 98.95 (95 / 94); Government GHSS, Townhall 98.98 (197 / 195); GBHSS, Thottiyam 98.77 (81 / 80); Government Adi Dravida Girls HSS, Kattur Pappakurichi 98.59 (213 / 210); GHSS, Somarasampettai 98.51 (201 / 198); Government Boys HSS, Manachanallur 98.31 (355 / 349); GHG, Pudhut Uthamanur 98.11 (53 / 52); GHS, Natham 98.72 (78 / 77); GHSS, Valasiramani 98.1 (105 / 103); GHSS, Thattiengarpettai 98.31 (118 / 116); GHS, B Mettur 98.21 (56 / 55); GHSS, Dr. K. K. GGHSS, Thuraiyur 98.05 (205 / 201); and GGHSS, Mettupalayam 98.10 (158 / 155).