All the 106 house surgeons (Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internees) of K.A.P.Viswanatham Government Medical College and Annal Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital here commenced their agitation of abstaining from doing some of the para medical and clerical work on Friday protesting against the alleged human right violation of involving the house surgeons to do duty for 31 hours continuously for about three days per week in addition to 10 hours on other days.

The house surgeons told The Hindu on Friday that following their agitation about 900 para medical staff including staff nurses, technicians and others attached to the hospital had started doing the para medical and clerical work that were earlier dumped on them.

They pointed out that no action had so far been taken by the Dean or the authorities to solve the problems of the house surgeons and said that they would continue their agitation till their demands were fulfilled.

Earlier, the house surgeons had forwarded to the Governor the resolutions passed at the general body meeting of CRRIs a few days ago in which they had stated that they were forced to do para medical and clerical works including giving injections to patients in the wards, transporting the blood samples to the lab, collecting the investigation reports from the lab for all the patients and so on.


House surgeons allege exploitationDecember 30, 2009