The 20-year-old wait of 274 families of Keezhumathur village in Kunnam taluk in the district to get house site pattas ended on Wednesday. Thanks to a special initiative taken up by the district administration.

The families, all living on Natham poromboke, have been trying in vain to get pattas for their house sites. Their struggle came to a fruitful end after they submitted a petition to the Collector, M.Vijayakumar, at a weekly grievance day meeting about a month back. Acting swiftly on the petition, Mr.Vijayakumar formed a special team under the District Revenue Officer to study the matter. Once the grievance was found to be genuine, a team of officials of the Survey Department, led by Assistant Director Nallan, was formed to conduct a special survey and to complete the necessary formalities. The team worked for about a month to complete the work. The pattas were issued to the beneficiaries at a function held at the village on Wednesday.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr.Vijayakumar said the village was somehow omitted under the Natham settlement regularisation scheme which was implemented between 1988 and 1991. S.Palanisamy, District Revenue Officer was present.