Three units of ‘Namma toilet’ in disuse

Open defecation on a hillock, unhygienic environment, and inadequate drainage facility are some of the major complaints of the residents of Quaid-e-Milleth Nagar in Ariyamangalam in the seventh ward of the city corporation.

The hillock, called Sandaipettaiyanmalai, comes in handy for the residents, particularly women to resort to open defecation. The area accounts for about 800 houses spread over three lanes. Except one lane, none of them has individual toilet, forcing the residents to use the nearby poramboke site for open defecation.

The City Corporation has not built any toilet in the area. However, although three units of ‘Namma toilet’ that has been set up at the bottom of the rock, it is yet to be thrown open to public for use.

Residents point out that the toilets were brought to the area about three months raising their hopes of their personal hygiene. But, the delay in opening it has been a concern for them. K. Pandithurai, a resident, pointed out that the Corporation authorities should immediately open the facility. Further, additional units should also be set up. The three units are quite inadequate as compared to the population in the area, says Mr. Pandithurai.

The impact of open defecation was felt during the sharp showers the city experienced last month. “As most women use the hillock for open defecation, the narrow lanes on the Nagar were flooded with the night soil after the showers,” says A. Sardar.