Seminar for parents of std. VIII and IX students at Montfort School

Aren’t parents of adolescent children in a confused state of mind? Of course, the desperation in them to know what good parenting is all about is accentuated by the challenging environment in which children find themselves in.

In their anxiety to extract best academic performance, parents seemingly lose sight of the overall wellbeing of their wards. Seldom do parents introspect on what they had looked for in their days of adolescence, pre-occupied that they are with the thought of safeguarding their children from inimical external influences.

Parents of children in classes VIII and IX, the crucial stage when adolescence creeps in, could figure out a solution recently after taking part in a seminar titled ‘Understanding Adolescence’ at Montfort School, Kattur.

The seminar enlightened the parents about the biological and psychological factors predominant in the adolescent period of a child, and the behavioural patterns. Infusing a sense of self-esteem in the crucial stage in life, creating situations for building positive relationships, and giving them a community orientation at an early stage would make all the difference in the outlook of children, the resource person Sangeetha Madhu, Asst. Professor of Clinical Psychology, Chennai, explained to the parents. She guided parents on providing children access to Internet, handling sibling rivalry, and dealing with several other habits such as excessive listening to music that are associated with adolescence.

Citing the successful experience that she and her team had with a group of troublesome children, Dr.Sangeetha, who is the Founder and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Chennai Institute of Learning and Development (CHILD), said that during a year-long period of intervention, the children, after initiation into sports and team work, were now doing very well at school. “We could reform the children by providing the attention and importance they were looking for in school. Based on the success, we have devised a programme for ninth standard wherein the children need to talk about their families for a certain duration in order to learn about emotions.” Dr.Sangeetha, however, observed that girls were more forthcoming in expressing emotions, and that the reluctance on the part of boys to open up was the cause for depression. Dr.Sangeetha handled a session on ‘raising children with values and vision’ as well.

While parents felt that the seminar was a felt need, the Principal said that the first of its kind programme in the school equipped teachers also to adapt themselves to the behavioural changes of adolescent children in classroom situations.