‘School vans, autos get caught in traffic jams quite often’

The Federation of Consumer and Service Organisations here has appealed to the State government to issue necessary direction allowing grace time of 15 minutes to schoolchildren coming from far away places.

In a representation to the Chief Minister, its president M. Sekaran said many schools were imposing punishment to children who come late by closing the gate and making them stand outside the school premises without considering the present traffic congestion. He said children coming to school by vans and other modes of transport could not be held responsible for reaching late if their vehicles were caught in traffic jam.

Drivers of private vehicles transporting students many a time drive in a rash manner so as to reach the schools on time to avoid action against late comers by the school authorities. Students coming by overloaded autorickshaws face more risk as there was no safety door to protect them.

Sometime ago, the district administration during a meeting with the school managements advised them to allow 15 minutes grace time to students coming by van and other modes of transport from far away places considering their safety and show some leniency to late comers. However, this was not in force now, Mr. Sekaran said.