A state-of-the-art C-arm machine was installed at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital here on Sunday. The equipment worth Rs.10 lakh would be used in advanced surgeries involving spine, brain and bones.

The equipment was funded by claims collected for procedures performed under the Chief Ministers Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, according to Dean A.Karthikeyan. N.R.Sivapathi, Minister for School Education, Law, Youth Welfare and Sports, inaugurated the surgical facility at the hospital.

The C-arm machine is used to get special x-ray imaging. As it is mobile, it ensures greater patient comfort.

The C-arm machine would be used in repairing spine and vertebral damage sustained by road traffic accidents.

The equipment would also come into use in surgeries involving disc prolapse in neck or spine, tuberculosis in spine and tumours of the spinal cord. Poor patients would benefit from the surgeries, felt ministers and officials present. Collector Jayashree Muralidharan was among those present.