Kumar Mangalam Birla delivers IIM-T’s convocation address

The first batch students of Indian Institute of Management – Tiruchirapalli (IIM-T) received their Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) on Tuesday during the institute’s first convocation ceremony.

Chairman of Aditya Birla Group Kumar Mangalam Birla delivered the convocation. Mr. Birla explained to the outgoing batch on various aspects of life after education: learning curve, career path, suitability of organisation, time management, work-life balance, being the best, and managing the boss.

The learning curve begins all over again after education as the students would have to go through hope, challenge, disappointment, setbacks, and triumph. “It is important to be constantly in the learning mode since what is relevant today becomes obsolete tomorrow and antiquated the day after.”

Identify more than willing mentors at work place and connect with them, he said. Time management, he said, had become vital after India’s integration with the world economy in every sense in the last decade.

Any political, economic, environmental and social change in one country would create an impact.

An important aspect of time management was prioritisation. It was important to ensure that the urgent did not take precedence over what was important.

As for managing the boss, be savvy, not reverential. Speak in their language to land in better assignments.

“The institution has prepared you for life. Give back to the alma mater with a sense of gratitude,” Mr. Birla said. Earlier, he presented medals to meritorious students.

The Chairman of IIM-T’s Board of Governors M. Damodaran presented the diplomas to the graduating students.

Out of the batch of 84 students, 79 received their diplomas in person. The Institute Director Prafulla Agnihotri presented a report on achievements by students and faculties in the last two years.


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