The Rasika Ranjana Sabha conducted the annual music competitions this month to encourage young talents. The Sabha has increased the number of prizes for all competitions this year. Participants in the sub-junior category would receive CDs containing compositions of famous composers.

Annual event

The annual Carnatic music competition of the forum is held under four categories: vocal, mirudangam, violin and veena at sub-junior, junior and senior levels. Violin, veena and mirudangam competitions were held on June 12 and 13.

Vocal competitions at the sub-junior level were held on June 6 and competitions for the junior and senior levels would be held from June 18- 20 and June 24- 27.

There are 12 competitions for vocal in the junior category and 35 under the senior category.

The Sangeetha Sri Award and the L.V. Memorial Shield would be awarded to the outstanding competitor in the senior and junior level respectively.

According to Mr. N. Sekar, secretary of the Sabha, there has been a marginal increase in the number of participants this year, with the maximum number of participants in the junior category.

Besides, participation from outside the city has increased significantly. Speaking on the general standard of competitions this year, Mr. Sekar said, “The general standard of music in the city has come down. Also, there are very few participants in the violin and veena contests. But on the other hand, participation for vocal competitions is on the rise.” He cited academic pressure and lesser media coverage and opportunities for performance in the city compared to metros, as reasons for students not pursuing music.

Prize distribution

Prizes will be distributed in a function on August 10.


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