Passengers bound for Kuala Lumpur from here by an Air India Express flight were sent to Chennai by a bus after the airline’ s flight in Singapore–Tiruchi–Chennai sector was cancelled on Monday afternoon.

Flight IX — 681 was cancelled because of launch of an experimental launch vehicle over the Bay of Bengal between noon and 4 p.m., airline sources here said.

Information regarding cancellation of the Air India Express flight was given to passengers who were to board from the international airport here, an Air India official here said.

Chennai-bound passengers from Tiruchi who were travelling by the flight made their own alternative, the sources said.

The 38 Kuala Lumpur-bound passengers who were to travel by the flight to Chennai and take another aircraft of the same airline to the Malaysian capital were put in a bus at the Tiruchi airport.

The airline’s flight to Kuala Lumpur from Chennai, which was scheduled to depart at 4 p.m., was made to leave at 6.30 p.m. to accommodate passengers from Tiruchi, the sources said.