Indian Overseas Bank launches deposit mobilisation camp

Bank officials attached to Viralimalai branch of Indian Overseas Bank were surprised over the deposit of Rs.70, 000 by a villager who has never been to bank so far in his life.

A team of bank officials, as part of their 'deposit mobilisation campaign’, launched the financial inclusion scheme to benefit those who have not been covered by banking services so far.

The bank officials were quite surprised when one of the residents, Delhi Raja, volunteered to open a savings account and to deposit Rs.70, 000. “We just expect a maximum of Rs.1, 000 from each fresh applicant but the offer by the villager surprised us,” says K.Srinivasan, branch manager, who gave away the passbook to him.

Veerasamy, Chief Manager, IOB, Karaikudi region, said the campaign was organised as part of the founder's day celebrations.


In all, 79 persons were covered during the campaign and a deposit of Rs.1, 18,500 was mobilised. While 74 persons preferred savings banking services five others opened current accounts.

Accompanied by bank employees and local villagers including V.M.T.Kandasamy, a local trader, the bank officials launched the campaign in all major streets in Viralimalai.