The Fire and Rescue Services Department is geared for the Deepavali festival to attend to fire accidents that could arise because of bursting of crackers and rockets on the day of the festival of lights.

The entire strength of fire fighters working in the Tiruchi Division have been mobilised to meet any eventuality.

The division comprises eight fire stations located in Tiruchi, Srirangam, Navalpattu, Lalgudi, Pullambadi, Manapparai, Thuvarankurichi, and Uppiliapuram,

Fire tenders have been deployed at vantage points within the city such as Main Guard Gate, Gandhi Market, TVS Tollgate, and Thillai Nagar besides one vehicle at Tiruverambur on the outskirts to attend to any fire calls on the festival day, said the department authorities here.

Over the past few days, the fire fighters had been conducting awareness campaigns in educational institutions and public places across the district on safe bursting of crackers and distributing pamphlets containing a host of precautionary steps to be taken by the public while bursting crackers and lighting sparklers. The fire fighters are armed with necessary paraphernalia required for fire fighting operation, a senior official here said.

Meanwhile, the Tiruchi city police have appealed to the public to avoid bursting crackers near hospitals, old age homes, petrol stations and slum areas. Rockets should not be burst near slum areas, a release from the Commissioner of Police here said.