Suriya advises students to avoid stress, aggressiveness

“Don’t forget good values. Spend quality time with your parents and not just with your friends,” said S.Suriya, actor, in the city on Sunday. He was addressing school students at Alps Fete 2013-14, Edu Carnival held on Alpha Plus Education Campus, Alpha Group of Institutions, to celebrate the vicennial year.

Mr.Suriya confessed that he had been a ‘just pass’ student during his schooldays and shared information about Agaram Foundation, his charity initiative. Agaram Foundation now has more than 700 first generation schoolchildren throughout Tamil Nadu.

“Education is not for passing the examination alone, but must be useful in life. Students face a lot of challenges. Find a friend in your parents and share everything with them. Be simple, spread education, love your parents, and be happy,” he added.

Mr.Suriya advised students to avoid undue stress and aggressiveness, and to not take life too seriously. He mused over how in his generation they used to play gilli, while today’s generation is glued to the device culture.

Lingusamy, director and producer, praised Mr. Suriya for being a good person both on and off screen. “When facing the camera, Mr. Suriya transforms into the character he is playing. He is a very disciplined and honest individual who wants to do something for the betterment of the deprived and I wish to be part of his endeavour,” said Mr. Lingusamy, about working with Suriya during the current venture ‘Anjaan’.

R.Palani, chairman, Alpha Group, and Suriya together launched iZone to ‘commemorate two decades of redefining education’. iZone is an innovative educational ecosystem that includes an adaptive curriculum that meets the needs of every learner at his/her own entry skills.

A tablet containing the entire syllabus along with educational websites would be provided to each student as part of the initiative.

G.Rajendran, deputy director, Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation, spoke.

A cultural programme by students of Alpha group followed. A variety of dances on educational themes, highlighting the concept of iZone and the importance of education, were performed.