Eid-uz-Zuha, well-known as Bakrid, was celebrated with usual gaiety in various parts of central districts on Wednesday.

The festival marks the end of annual Haj pilgrimage. Eid-uz-Zuha is known as the “festival of sacrifice” and it commemorates Prophet Abraham’s faith and devotion to God.

According to Muslim belief, god directed Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son. Although he was a good man and loved his son; his faith and devotion to god was strong enough that he would accommodate god’s request. Prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his own son for god’s sake caused god to spare his son’s life and a lamb was sacrificed in his place.

Hajj is a symbol of submission to Allah and Muslim Unity. It is an exemplary example of equality and unity when pilgrims gather together in Makkah. Muslims who belong to different nations, cultures, social, and economical status are all dressed up in two pieces of cloth. All perform the same rites. There was no difference of rich and poor, all stand in front of their lord in submission and humility.

A large number of Muslims participated in the special Qutba prayers held in the Idgah Maidan in Cantonment in the city on Wednesday. The Imam who led the prayer urged Muslims to spread the message of peace, harmony, and goodwill among all sections of the society. Dua was recited at the end for peace and communal harmony.

A large congregation of Muslims offered prayers in various mosques in the city, including Big Chowk Mosque, Hazrath Natharvali Dargah Mosque, Tennur High Road Mosque, Jamal Mohamed College Mosque, Arabic College Mosque, and so on, and across the district.