A mesmerising assortment of Indian paintings is on display at the Poompuhar showroom in the city, as part of an exclusive exhibition “Paintings of India”. The 17-day event was inaugurated by J. Radhika, Principal, Srimath Andavan Arts and Science College, on Thursday.

The exhibition will be held from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. till July 20, excluding Sundays, at Singarathope.

The paintings are priced between Rs. 100 and Rs. 75,000.

The main attraction of the exhibition is the Tanjore painting, which is priced at Rs. 65,000.

A unique oil painting of Raja Raja Cholan is the highest priced item in the showroom.

Other paintings include Tanjore glass paintings, replica of Ravi Varma paintings, silk paintings, pencil drawings, glass paintings, gemstone paintings, velvet paintings, canvas paintings, kalamkari painting, batic painting, deco painting, and marble paintings.

Rosewood patch work panels of various sizes and paintings in brassware and in papier mache are also available.

The stock of the paintings on display is estimated at Rs. 15 lakh, according to N. Xavier, Manager, Poompuhar.

Poompuhar expects sales of Rs. 5 lakh from this exhibition and the revenue generated will help artisans who have put in a lot of hard work and dedication towards crafting the paintings. “Apart from conducting the exhibition, Poompuhar will provide train 100 women in Tanjore picture painting at Srirangam shortly,” said Mr. Xavier.

“This aims to make women artisans to be independent.

Completed paintings can be marketed by the individuals and by Poompuhar through exhibitions and showroom sales.

Eligible candidates will be provided with raw materials and stipends required to craft the paintings,” he added.

Other events in the offing are a Krishna Jayanthi and Ganesh Darshan special exhibition in August, and a Navaratri /Kolu exhibition.