Schools appeal to the Director of Government Examinations to award marks irrespective of answer chosen

A spelling error in the right option for an objective-type question in the Plus Two Biology Board Examination paper on Thursday has caused consternation among teachers.

For the question 14 in Type A (question 4 in Type B): ‘The root hairs are produced from’, option ‘d’ reads as Trichoplasts instead of Trichoblasts.

Teachers say that several students were confused by the spelling error and avoided that option. The three other options: Rhizodermis, Trichomes and Accessory Cells were given with the right spellings.

A number of schools have appealed to the Director of Government Examinations to award marks for the question irrespective of the answer chosen.

Teachers said students were also misled by a 10-mark question: What is Glycolysis? Describe its various steps (Flowchart or Explanation).

Students had gone about attending the question without answering the first part since the definition for Glycolysis gets repeated in the description.

According to a principal, several hundreds of schools sincerely hope that the Directorate of Government Examination will consider this factor in right earnest before the evaluation process.