The Tamil Nadu Federation of Universities Faculty Associations (TANFUFA) has called for transparency in appointment of vice chancellors in universities in Tamil Nadu.

The University Grants Commission has specifically included a clause in its regulations in 2013 that persons of highest level of competence, integrity, morals and institutional commitment are to be appointed as vice chancellors.

They should be distinguished academicians with minimum of 10 years experience as a professor in a university system or in an equivalent position in a reputed research or academic organisation, said S.Krishnaswamy, Convenor, TANFUFA, in a press release.

The process being currently followed by the vice chancellor search committee for Gandhigram Rural University has set a good precedent by holding interactions with the faculty, staff and students of the university and also with a shortlisted set of aspirants for the vice chancellor position.

Search committees as the name implies should search for good candidates rather than only screen applications that have been received. Vice chancellors are by far the most important functionaries of universities not only on the administrative side but also in ensuring the right atmosphere for the teachers and the students to do their work effectively. Appointment of vice chancellors to universities is critical to ensure good standards of higher education and the process should be made transparent and free from interference. Any compromise on quality and integrity has a disastrous effect on the university.

Ensuring essential qualifications for vice chancellors that include educational eminence, leadership, integrity and social responsibility coupled with and a transparent, open selection process will go a long way in fostering excellence in universities which is part of the vision 2023 of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, Mr.Krishnasamy said.