Angry commuters pulled the alarm train and the train detained twice

Duplication of bookings in the second class chair car coaches of the Chennai-bound Guruvayur Express caused huge confusion among travellers who pulled the alarm chain thrice leading to the detention of the train for about 20 minutes at Tiruchi Junction on Sunday evening. The chair car coaches went packed from here, causing great inconvenience to passengers who had to jostle with each other.

Angry passengers in the crowded coaches pulled the alarm chain again at Kattur near Lalgudi leading to the detention of the express train for 10 minutes. The train was detained again for about 10 minutes at Pennadam after the alarm chain was pulled by travellers.

Railway sources said duplication of reserved tickets issued for the chair car coaches (of the Tuticorin complement of the train) apparently led to the confusion.

The duplication was apparently because of a technical glitch in the passenger reservation system.

Passengers were issued reserved tickets for D-5 to D-10 coaches as well as for DT5- DT10 coaches of the train, according to railway sources.

However, passengers who were to board the train in Tiruchi could not find the DT5-DT10 coaches and were asked to board D5 to D10 coaches. But most of them found that other passengers, also with reserved tickets, were travelling in their seats. Irate travellers demanded additional coaches to accommodate them but that could not be arranged.

Railway officials offered to refund the fare. Most passengers chose to travel in the train.

A few of them alighted at Villupuram Junction and were accommodated in the Rameswaram – Bhubaneswar Express, sources said.

The Tuticorin complement comprising six second class chair car coaches was attached to the Chennai Egmore – Guruvayur – Chennai Egmore Expresses following an announcement in the Railway Budget 2013-14. This complement, named Tuticorin – Chennai Egmore – Tuticorin Link Expresses (16130 / 16129) is attached with the Chennai-bound Guruvayur Express at Vanchi Maniyachi Junction.