Better enforcement of traffic rules led to decline in fatal accident cases and casualties within the city limits in 2012, Commissioner of Police Shailesh Kumar Yadav said on Monday.

Fine amount of Rs.2.46 crore realised from road rule violators during 2012 was the highest in the last 10 years, Mr. Yadav said addressing the media here.

He said 146 fatal accident cases were reported in 2012 as compared to 174 in the previous year.

Casualties also decreased from 184 in 2011 to 149 in 2012. Of them, 57 persons died in accidents due to head injuries they sustained by not wearing helmets.

Enforcement of helmet rule yielded good results and was also one of the reasons for the decrease in fatalities, he added.

The City Police had forwarded proposals to the Transport Department for suspension of driving licences of 80 rule violators - most of them caught for drunken driving.

Licences of 51 persons had been suspended till now, he said.

Installation of 42 automatic number plate reader cameras and 12 dome cameras within the city is helping the law enforcers to monitor traffic violations and activities taking place on the city’s busy thoroughfares, he said.