Historians should act as a mirror of civilisation and culture of people and should not dilute facts in any manner, said S. Tamizhselvan, state president of Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers' and Artistes Association.

Speaking at the monthly meeting here on ‘Let us gain knowledge from the masses', he said that people, irrespective of their educational capability, were the most intelligent. Every individual possesses adequate experience and every section of society was rich in some specific aspect.

Historians and film directors should play a key role in presenting factual information to the masses while documenting the history of any segment.

S.Venkatesan, state general secretary of the association, who spoke on ‘creativity and history', said that film industry should play a key role in projecting historical facts. He said that film producers should not make history a prey to their commercial venture.

He specifically said that ‘kaani'-a group of tribals residing in the interior dense forests in Tamil Nadu, were skilled in conventional health care system, using herbs and shrubs. They do not rely on any other system of medicine or drugs, he said adding that the lifestyle of these people should be documented. The sect was on the verge of extinction as only a little more than 200 people were residing in the interior forests.

Nandalala, state vice-president, said that humility and simplicity should be the basic tenets of leaders. In this context, he explained how Mahatma Gandhi, through his simple attire and approach, influenced Indians. All through the Dandi March, Mahatma Gandhi made it a point to explain the importance of personal hygiene and health care to the followers, before taking up the non-violence campaign against the British.

M. Saravanan, district secretary and Ilankumaran, state executive member spoke.