In Thanjavur municipal area as an interim measure

Deep borewells would be sunk at seven places on the Medical College Road and Srinivasapuram as an interim measure to supply drinking water to Thanjavur municipal area, said Srinivasan, municipal engineer, on Tuesday.

At the municipal council meeting, Mr. Srinivasan said that three crore litres of water is now supplied to the town a day at the rate of 135 litres per head. A proposal to improve the drinking water supply is being prepared, and it will be sent soon to the government for approval.

Earlier, Sun Ramanathan (DMK) said that there is a need to improve the capacity of drinking water supply in view of the growing population. He said that Palliagraharam Vennar pumping station supplies 30 lakh litres of water. In 1994, Thirumanur pumping station across the Coleroon was commissioned and it is supplying 1.80 crore litres. Besides these, bore wells at many points in the town supply water. But there is a need to go in for new drinking water projects.

S. Sivakumar (AIADMK) complained that there is no drinking water supply in the third, fourth and fifth street at Sundaram Nagar. There is a defect in the pumping station and it should be rectified.

S. Sadasivam (DMK) complained that there is drinking water problem in his 36th ward. K.Revathy of the DMK said that in her ward there is no clearance of drainage and hence there is the danger of sewage water entering houses.

Savithiri Gopal, Chairperson, said that the municipality is in need of 180 sanitation workers. A private company was fixed to provide manpower but it said that only 110 workers could be provided at present. If they did not supply the needed personnel, the municipality would cancel the agreement, and fix a new company.