ASI has been carrying out palace renovation works with Central government funding

A damaged roof portion serving as the passage between Sharjah and Sadar Mahals of the Thanjavur Palace collapsed on Thursday due to the impact of the rains.

Debris from the collapsed roof of the first floor to the extent of over 1,000 square feet and side walls have fallen on the buildings in the living area of the royal family, an informed source said.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which has been carrying out palace renovation with Rs.10 lakh central government funding for the last eight months through the Public Works Department (PWD), was informed of the weak condition of the roof three months back.

The ASI had prioritised works on the exterior side visible to tourists, the source said.

Officials of both ASI and PWD have been informed of the roof collapse, the source said, adding that the damage cannot be rectified, but the ASI could act in time to salvage the ground floor.