The police outpost functioning inside the Combined Court Complex here will soon be upgraded as a full-fledged police station. Once the Court Police Outpost is formally upgraded, the number of police stations falling within the city limits will increase to 14.

Stating this to the media here on Tuesday, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Rupesh Kumar Meena said areas that would come under the Court Police Station had already been identified.

Areas that were now under the Cantonment Police Station limits would be bifurcated and some of them would be brought under the jurisdiction of the Court Police Station.

A proposal seeking sanction of additional strength, once the Court police outpost was upgraded as police station, would be forwarded to the government through the City Police Commissionerate.

The City Police would seek over 30 police personnel headed by an Inspector for the upgraded police station. A few months ago, the police outpost at the Annal Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital was upgraded as a full-fledged police station.


The Deputy Commissioner said a special police team apprehended absconding history sheeted rowdy elements – D. Bhaskar (39) and G. Rajdevan (36) against whom several murder cases had been registered besides nabbing another rowdy element M. Gopalakrishnan (43) who was involved in a couple of murder cases.

The trio were held in the city, Mr. Meena said adding that Bhaskar and Rajdevan were involved in the murder of a lawyer at Kodaikanal besides being involved in murder cases at Tirupur and Thanjavur.

Investigations revealed that Bhaskar and Rajdevan had planned to commit more murders and indulge in robberies, the Deputy Commissioner said. He said 72 persons were detained under the Goondas Act in 2009 and around 20 had been detained under the same Act till now this year.

The Deputy Commissioner presented cash awards to the members of the special team that nabbed the absconding rowdy elements.