In a bid to improve solid waste management, the Tiruchi Corporation has planned to purchase 600 push carts, 80 garbage containers and seven dumper placer vehicles.

The move comes as part of its continued attempts to improve the garbage clearing system in the city, which generates over 400 tonnes of solid waste every day.

About 90 per cent of the garbage generated is cleared every day by the corporation.

The civic body would purchase seven more dumper placer vehicles, which are used to transport garbage containers from various parts of the city to the garbage dump at Ariyamangalam, at a cost of Rs.87.50 lakh and 112 steel containers of the capacity of 4 cubic metres, each at a cost of Rs.78.40 lakh utilising about Rs.1.65 crore from the XII Finance Commission grants.


It was mandatory on the part of the Corporation to utilise 50 per cent of the Rs.330.75 lakh sanctioned by the XII Finance Commission for 2009-10 for improving solid waste management.

The pushcarts are to be used for collection of solid waste after source segregation.

Each pushcart would accommodate four buckets of 50 litre capacity, for segregation of degradable and bio-degradable waste.

Old to be replaced

The corporation would invest about Rs.43.20 lakh for the purpose.

The garbage containers, each with a capacity of 2.5 cubic metres, would be placed at strategic points in the city for collection of solid waste.

About 125 such containers were in use. But about 80 of them have been damaged owing to corrosion.

The new containers, to be purchased at a cost of Rs.40.39 lakh, would replace the damaged ones.

Sewer equipment

The corporation has decided to acquire a couple of high pressure small jet rodders used to clean the underground sewer lines at a cost of Rs.24.64 lakh.

It would purchase a mechanised silt removing equipment at a cost of Rs.12.14 lakh. The move comes in the wake of frequent blockades in the sewer lines.

Manual cleaning of the lines is often fraught with danger for sanitary workers.