Burglary bid at Alundalaipur cooperative society triggers move

The recent burglary bid in a primary agricultural cooperative and credit society in the district has brought to the fore, the vulnerability of such organisations to criminals due to their presence in isolated locations in rural areas.

Although burglars managed to sneak into the credit society situated in a remote place at Alundalaipur village near Siruganur, they could not loot valuables and cash kept inside the strong room as their attempt to break it open proved futile.

Over 40 kilograms of gold jewellery kept inside the society’s strong room fortunately remained intact in the failed burglary attempt.

Even as investigation into the case is on, the incident prompted law enforcers to review the security mechanism of cooperative societies functioning across the district.

While bringing the cooperative societies under the scope of vigil on the one hand, the Tiruchi Police has also advised the authorities of cooperative societies to put in place necessary security measures to thwart such incidents in future.

A series of suggestions for ramping up security in cooperative societies were put forth to the Joint Registrar of cooperative societies and its managers at a recent coordination meeting held here. The meeting was convened as a sequel to the burglary bid in the Alundalaipur cooperative society.

Installation of closed circuit television system and burglar alarms in all cooperative societies was a key suggestion put forth to the authorities. Improved lighting facility in the society premises, installation of defending doors and double locking system doors, deploying young watchman for every society were the other measures suggested by the law enforcers at the meeting.

Tiruchi district alone accounts for a total number of 148 cooperative societies, a vast majority of which are spread out in isolated and interior locations in the rural areas.

There have been instances in the past wherein burglars had struck at cooperative societies in Tiruchi and neighbouring Perambalur district.

In one such case, burglars decamped with nearly one kilogram of gold jewellery from a cooperative society at Andhanallur near Jeeyapuram in 2010.

They gained entry after smashing the shutter lock and took away the valuables stashed in different packets from one of the safe vaults.

Failed attempts to burgle cooperative societies at Thirupainjeeli near Mannachanallur and near Padalur in Perambalur district were reported in 2011.

Police sources say, it is difficult for them to march beat everyday to the cooperative societies which are in situated far off locations.

Nevertheless, in the wake of the burglary bid it has been decided to check and sign the patta book kept at the societies by the respective night beat patrol police officers without fail.

The Deputy Superintendents of Police of Tiruverambur, Lalgudi, Manapparai, Musiri and Jeeyapuram sub divisions have been instructed to visit the societies at periodic intervals especially during late night hours.

Authorities acknowledge that CCTV provision was yet to be provided in the societies. They exude confidence that the facility would be provided in the near future.

The cooperative authorities are toying with the idea of engaging security services for deploying watchman for the societies.

A senior cooperative official said iron safe had been provided to all societies and defending doors installed in majority of them. Burglar alarms had been fitted in all societies, the official added.

Police sources said the authorities have been asked to display at the entrance of the cooperative societies details of the local police station and the phone number of the jurisdictional Inspector to get in touch with them in case of an emergency situation.