Winners will vie for Miss and Mrs. Tamil Nadu titles in Chennai

The first ever edition of Naturals Miss and Mrs. Trichy brought on to the ramp some of the city’s most confident women, who bravely attempted ramp walking, public speaking and displaying their talents. Doing the rounds in other cities like Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore the event is a run up to the grand finale, Miss and Mrs. Tamil Nadu to be held later this year.

“While over 200 women registered for the contest, 15 were chosen as finalists through a preliminary round held on Monday,” said Latha A. Krishna, from Virgo Event Management, the organisers for the event.

Most of the nine Miss Trichy contestants were students, while the Mrs. Trichy contestants were a mix of housewives and working women. “After 12 years of the successful Mrs. Chennai contest, we decided to spread our wings to the whole of Tamil Nadu,” she added.

The judges for the evening, Mala Venkatesh and Ghayaz Rahamathullah, tested the contestants for their attitude, style and intellect. After a round of ramp walk, the contestants were given a minute each to display their talents. “While most contestants sang, there were a few who danced and did mono acting as well,” said Ms. Mala Venkatesh.

The final round was a test of their communication skills, where the judges asked the contestants to comment on issues like good looks versus sexy looks; effects of Tamil tele serials on the society; their views on child adoption and the film industry among other things.

The chief guest for the event, Sarubala Tondaiman felt women need to strive towards achieving beauty on the inside as well as the outside. “The focus of this contest was not just on beauty but also the intelligence of the women here, who handled the various question with confidence,” she said in appreciation.

Mohana Priya, who impressed everyone with her dance and ramp walk, was adjudged Miss Trichy, while Devi Mahadevan was crowned Mrs. Trichy for her sweet voice and earnest answers.

The runner up in the Miss Trichy category was Delilah Smith for her bold answers and K. Yamuna was the runner up under the Mrs. Trichy category for her strong stance against TV serials. Besides the beauty contest, the event also included a cookery contest, where Geena Jayaprakash was crowned Cookery Queen for her chicken gravy.

The winners from Madurai, Tiruchi, Coimbatore and Chennai will vie for the titles Miss and Mrs. Tamil Nadu at Chennai in November, according to Ms. Latha, who added that the event will become an annual state wide feature from this year onwards.

Naturals Unisex Salons were the branding sponsors for the event; Pothys, Suguna Foods, HariTharang and Kiah’s Boutique were the associate sponsors; and The Hindu, Hello FM and were the media partners.