The Nagapattinam Consumer Protection Forum has sought revival of pooled quota system of reservation for Nagore and Nagapattinam railways stations.

In a memorandum to the Chief Commercial Manager, Southern Railways, the Forum has sought the revival of the system that was in vogue earlier in the Nagore-Chennai Kamban Express. The quota system of reservation for passengers from Velankanni and Nagore was functional earlier. With the computerized reservation system, the prospects of reservation of tickets have been affected.

Therefore, with the provision for pooled quota system available for the recently introduced Nagore-Ernakulam Express, and Nagore-Chennai Egmore Express trains, the revival of the system would be of immense benefit, they stated.

The Nagore-Chennai Egmore Express trains that arrives at Nagore at about 09.15 hrs remains idle up to its onward journey at 20.05 hrs. The Forum has sought the use of the rake stationed at Nagore to be utilized for operating a service up to Thanjavur for connecting to the Mayiladuthurai-Tirunelveli Passenger that departs at 12.30 hrs at Thanjavur.

With the extension of new train services and an increase in the rail traffic from Nagapattinam, the forum has sought installation of basic amenities like public toilets, coach indication board, a waiting hall, and a two-wheeler parking stand.

R. Kaladharan, President and G. Aravind Kumar, Executive Member handed over the Memorandum recently.

In related information, the Naval Detachment has sought change in the train timings of the Ernakulam-Nagore Express.

The memorandum addressed to the Southern Railways, has sought change in the arrival timings of the Ernakulam-Nagore Express. Pointing to the primarily pilgrim traffic that takes the rail route to visit religious shrines at Velankanni, Thirunallar and Nagore, the arrival timing of the train at around noon poses inconvenience to the people.

According to the memorandum, the incoming train 6866 that reaches Nagapattinam at 11.15 hours gets delayed by 30 to 45 minutes. This leads to the pilgrims losing out on the morning prayers in the above shrines and are forced to wanton away a day on late arrival. Further, this induces people to resort to unsafe means of road transport to reach Nagapattinam at around 0600 hrs.

“Moreover, the district has many a military and para-military institutions. The personnel of these organisations reporting on transfer, temporary duty and short leave, have to report by 0700-0800hrs. A large number of security personnel find this train (6866) as only suitable option and hence end up with either reporting late by couple of hours or have to reach in advance by a day,” the memorandum stated.

Interestingly, the outgoing train 6865, Nagore-Ernakulam Express reaches Ernakulam by 0600 hrs. The memorandum was addressed to the General Manager, Southern Railways by Lieutenant Commander Claud Lobo.