The eighth conference of the Indian Association of Applied Microbiologists (IAAM): M,ICROPLEXUS 2010, slated for September 24 and 25 at the Bharathidasan University would, for the first time, feature Science Mock Up, a forum for students to exhibit their competitive scientific technology before the most prestigious gathering of microbiologists.

Organised by the School of Life Sciences, Department of Biotechnology, the purpose of the conference is to arrive at mechanisms to leverage the innovative advancements in science and technology through microbes. With the theme: Hidden Treasures of the Microbial World, the conference would focus on the biology of the interaction of microbes for betterment of human welfare.

With the advent of science and technology, the field of microbiology has finally become an observational science with its full force. Microbe plays a powerful role from basic to applied aspects of chemistry, biology, engineering, environmental, medical, nuclear and industry.

The main aim of this conference is to bring together the users of microbes in all disciplines of science, to present the most up-to-date advances from basic microbiology to advanced level and to explore the ways to translate these advances for universal application, said T. Thirunalasundari, Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Bharathidasan University.

The technology has agricultural veterinary, medical, industrial, environmental, and marine applications, she said.

The department has attracted considerable funding from various National and State funding agencies. Major research activities of the department pertain to Plant molecular biology with special reference to Agrobacterium mediated transformation, Insect molecular biology, Biological control of pests, Immunodiagnostics, Cancer Biology, Natural bioactive potentials from diverse living organisms, Stem cell

Biology, Theoretical Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology education.

The IAAM was formed in 2000 with the objective to promote and encourage advanced research in all disciplines and inter-disciplines of microbiology. The IAAM supports Life Time Achievement Award and Best Teacher Award. A series of pedagogical lectures for students and two poster sessions have been planned, Dr. Thirunalasundari said.

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