Seeks ban on movement of bricks from neighbouring districts

The CITU has urged the State government and the district administration to take steps for protecting the livelihood of over 10,000 families of labour workers employed in the brick kilns in the district.

A resolution to this effect was adopted at a meeting of the Pudukottai district Village Industry Brick Producers and Labour Workers Welfare Union affiliated to the CITU here on Thursday. A large number of brick kiln functions in the district employing over 10,000 families of labour workers.

The brick kilns are not getting adequate by-products like clay, water and firewood for continuous production activities.

Besides, permission is not accorded easily to transporting them from one place to another.

The middlemen play spoilsport by reducing the price of the bricks with lame excuses. The rumours that bricks produced in the district are sub-standard and only the bricks procured from the neighbouring districts are the quality ones also affected the industry.

The resolution called upon the State government to come forward to fix the price for the bricks.

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