Buildings constructed prior to July 1, 2007 are set to be regularised

The State government has reduced the infrastructure and amenities charges payable for buildings, constructed before July 1, 2007, which are sought to be regularized now.

The concession can be availed by property owners who seek to get violations of building plan rules regularized under the government orders 234 and 235 issued earlier.

As per the government guidelines, plan deviations relating to floor space index (FSI), road or street width violations, front, rear and side setback violations in buildings constructed prior to July 1, 2007 are to be regularised, subject to various conditions and on payment of the stipulated fee.

The extent of violation with respect to minimum required road width should not exceed 20 per cent. Front, rear and side setback violations should not exceed 50 per cent of the required minimum. Similarly, FSI should not exceed 50 per cent of the maximum allowed limit.

The initiative had met with a lukewarm response in the city. Although there were several buildings with plan violations in the city as the restrictions on the extent of the violation made many of them ineligible for exemption under the initiative. Not a single application has been received by the Corporation so far.

Meanwhile, the government has issued an order fixing the infrastructure and amenities charges at 50 per cent (of the current rate of the charges) for all categories that are not classified under multi-storey buildings which were constructed with the permission of the local bodies prior to July 1, 2007.

The concession can be availed till December 25, according to an official release issued by the district administration.

The move comes in the wake of a request made by the Consortium of Self-Financing Professional, Arts and Science Colleges in Tamil Nadu. The government has also conceded the consortium request to relax the condition which makes it mandatory for educational institutions to hand over the open space reservation area to the respective local bodies.

According to the government order, educational institutions will have to earmark the open space reservation area, keep them open to the sky without any construction and utilize it only as a park and not as a playground. In such cases, the guideline value will not be collected in lieu of the reserved area.

Applications seeking regularization of the plan violations can be submitted to the Tiruchirapalli city Corporation in the city limits or the respective municipalities in municipal areas.

Applications for buildings in village panchayat and town panchayat areas falling within the Tiruchi Local Planning Authority (LPA) limits should be submitted to the LPA.

Applications for buildings outside the LPA limits should be submitted at the office of the Assistant Director, Directorate of Town and Country Planning, Tiruchi.

Action will be initiated with respect to buildings, which are not regularized, under the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act 2008, the release said.