The Tiruchi Mavatta Nataka Nadigargal Sangam staged Malar Manjam, a play written by Vaali, at the Rasika Ranjana Sabha auditorium on Saturday as a tribute to the late lyricist.

The Padmashri awardee had written the play in 1958. S.R.Kaathan, president of the sangam, has produced and directed the play.

The imaginary historic play revolves around king Arivazhagar of Kaathalpuri. Once, he goes for hunting with his ministers and bodyguards In the forest, they see a group of tribals celebrating a festival with their traditional dance.

When the king and his troupe were witnessing the festival, one Kaalapairavar, a treacherous man belonging to the tribal community, manages to lure the king to come alone with him to the border of the forest.

On reaching the border, Kaalapairavar blackmails the king saying that he had raped a tribal girl. He threatens the king to accept the crime. Later Kaalapairavar and his son Kaamaroopan return to Kaathalpuri with king Arivazhagar where he informs that Arivazhagar had died during hunting and anoints his son Kaamaroopan as the king of Kaathalpuri. However, he makes Arivazhagar a minister to advice Kaamaroopan.

The pregnant queen, learning about the death of her husband, manages to escape with the help of minister Ambalavanan and servant Velazhagan and reaches Madurai kingdom. She dies after giving birth to a son, Vellalan, who is brought up by Veerakesari, a lieutenant of Madurai kingdom. Veerakesari has a daughter, who by chance visits Kaathalpuri, where she gets raped and murdered by Kaamaroopan. To take revenge, Vellalan reaches Kaathalpuri, where he meets Arivazhagar. The former king in the guise of the minister narrates his story to Vellalan without knowing that he is son.

Meanwhile, Ambalavanan and his daughter, in the guise of folk artistes arrive at Kaathalpuri. The Madurai lieutenant too reaches Kaathalpuri in search of his daughter and Vellalan. Arivazhagar, Ambalavanan, Veerakesari, and Vellalan meet secretively to hatch a plan to retrieve Kaathalpuri. When Kaamaroopan comes to know about the plan, he blinds Arivazhagan and imprisons him.

Eventually, Vellalan manages to kill Kamaroopan and wins back the crown. .