Government decision comes as a relief to small businessmen, daily wage workers

The decision of the State government to keep ration shops open on the first and second Sundays with effect from this month, was lauded by consumers. People who could not make their purchase on working days are benefitted by the order that came into force on July 1.

In some shops, cardholders lined up by at 9.30 a.m. on Sunday . V. Vimaladevi, a small-time hotelier, says, “I had to close my shop on weekdays to collect my ration.

Today, being a holiday, I came to collect 10 kg of rice at the shop at Ponnagar.” The announcement benefited not only employed persons, but also petty vendors. S. Nagarani, a salesperson, says that adequate intimation about the functioning of the fair price shops on the first and second Sundays were given to cardholders. A few fair price shops, where all the commodities are distributed within the first few days of the month, look deserted.

“We have already distributed the commodities to almost all cardholders. Only sugar is to be distributed ,” says a salesperson of a shop.