HR&CE has dug a new channel near Samayapuram temple to help pilgrims take holy dip

A new channel dug up from the Peruvalai Vaikkal about a furlong away from the Sri Maraiamman temple in Samayapuram has helped devotees to take a holy dip in the waters, particularly after the recent release of Cauvery water.

The canal ran close to the temple premises but the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Board had dug a new channel, creating a diversion, so that devotees had a spacious area to take a holy dip. The move was intended to ensure better hygiene and sanitation.

Following the release of water in the irrigation canals, the water has been diverted to the new channel. But the stretch of old canal has turned a collection point for the sewage waters from several streets in and around Samayapuram. With the work on expansion of the “prakaram” and construction of new “rajagopuram” in progress at the temple, construction debris is being dumped into it.

“It has now become a health hazard. Growth of thick vegetation and discharge of sewage waters into it has all turned it to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” say a cross section of traders. Their efforts to control the mosquito menace had proved to be a futile exercise. The problem was more acute during monsoon.

Fogging operation should be taken up frequently to protect not only traders but devotees. Open defecation was yet another problem in the area, the traders complain. They suggest that “pay and use toilet” should be constructed to check the nuisance.

HR and CE authorities concede that the mosquito menace needed to be addressed and they have taken up the matter with the local town panchayat.