‘Help the Railways provide a safe journey in a clean environment' read a pamphlet distributed to passengers at Thanjavur railway junction on Wednesday as part of an awareness campaign organised by the Southern Railway.

Railway officials led by R.Soundarajan, Chief Medical Superintendent, Golden Rock, and students distributed the pamphlets to passengers to create awareness of keeping railway platforms and trains clean. Students, using megaphones, also appealed to people to ensure a clean environment.

Dr.Soundarajan asked passengers not to use the toilets when the train halts at railway stations but to use them only in movement.

He appealed to them to keep the toilets and bathrooms in the platform clean and not to forget to flush toilets after use.

Passengers should not litter food items on the platforms. They should not spit or throw away waste papers and packets on the platform. J.Raja Singh, station manager, participated in the campaign.