Festive atmosphere sets in at Periyar Suriyur and Palakkurichi

The usually sleepy Periyar Suriyur and Palakurichi villages in the district will witness live action yet again with the mighty bulls charged up to lock horns with the bull tamers.

A festive atmosphere has set in Periyar Suriyur and Palakurichi where the traditional “jallikattu” is slated on January 15 and 16 respectively as part of Pongal festivities.

The rural folk of both villages are energised working round-the-clock to make it a gala event this time as well having mobilised funds for the event from the local and through sponsors. Necessary arrangements for the forthcoming events have been put in place in the two villages which will attract bulls and tamers from various districts.

It has been the custom of Periya Suriyur village to organise the bull taming event on the “Mattu Pongal” day while the event is conducted at the sprawling “avarangadu maidanam” at Palakurichi on the third day of “Thai” month.

What makes Palakurichi jallikattu stand apart is that the event is jointly organised by four village panchayats — Palakurichi, Kalingipatti, Keeranipatti, and Solagnarpatti.

Galleries to accommodate spectators in large numbers had been established with weld meshes put up in front of them to prevent visitors from entering the arena. Tokens had been issued to bull owners to streamline the participating bulls which would be called out in batches to the ground.

Bulls from Thanjavur, Dindigul, Karur, Salem, Sivaganga, Pudukottai, Ariyalur, Perambalur, and Madurai districts besides those from different places in Tiruchi district would be fielded into the arena at both places.

T-shirts would be issued to bull tamers — around 350 each in both villages — for easier identification. The tamers would be subjected to medical check to ensure that they were not drunk on the day of the event, say the event organisers.

The rule of the game was that the raging bull should be tamed within a specified distance once the highly charged up animal comes out of the “vaadi”, the organisers said. The enticing prizes this time for the successful bull tamers were myriad — bureau, fridge, gold coin, cot, cycle, mobile phone, and a host of others.

The events would be held under the direct supervision of officials of the district administration, the police, animal welfare board members, and veterinarians.


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