Schoolchildren were taught about good touch and bad touch and the means to safeguard themselves from sexual abuse, during an awareness programme held at BHM Primary School at Melapudur on Thursday.

The event was organised by CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), Young Indians (Yi) Tiruchi chapter as part of the project “Komal”. Project Komal, which is a joint initiative of Yi Tiruchi chapter and Childline India Foundation, aims at spreading awareness on child sexual abuse by conducting workshops with primary school teachers to teach children about good touch and bad touch and sensitise parents about it.

Core team

A core team of facilitators, including members of Yi, members of Yi student net from M.A.M. College and members of Namma together conducted the programme at the school.

The students were first briefed by their teachers in their classrooms, followed by an audio-visual session during which an animated video was played to them. The video explained about child sexual abuse in a simple manner. A skit by students from MAM College followed, which demonstrated how molesters tempt children with rewards, how children can safeguard themselves, and to report the incident to parents or teachers.

Nearly 300 children of class 1 to 9 of BHM School attended the programme.

J. Ketan Vora, head, project ‘Komal’ and Jeeva Arputharaj, headmistress of the school, were present.