The Seamless Steel Tube Plant (SSTP) at BHEL Tiruchi, is augmenting its capacity from 35,000 tonnes to 86,600 tonnes per annum at an investment of about Rs. 159 crore for manufacturing seamless steel tubes that were required for making critical boiler components.

A higher capacity push bench powered by two motor operating in tandem had been commissioned at the Hot Mill of the Seamless Steel Tube Plant of BHEL

At a function held at SSTP on Saturday, A.V. Krishnan, Executive Director, BHEL, inaugurated the higher capacity push bench in the presence of G. Jayaprakash, General Manager, SSTP.

The push bench operation was a critical process which converts billets into a mother hollows from which a wide range of finished tubes were produced in various sizes.

By establishing the push bench process for a maximum length billet of 1,600 mm, the capacity of SSTP had been increased to 86,600 tonnes from 35,000 tonnes before capacity augmentation was taken up.

Mr. Krishnan inaugurated water softening plant and backwash filter, and dust collector of KR 75 tube straightening.