A railway technical team from Benin, an African nation, underwent comprehensive training in diesel locomotive maintenance at the Golden Rock Railway Workshop here recently.

A group of eight technical personnel from the electrical and mechanical wings were imparted theoretical and practical training on various aspects such as diesel loco design features, its layout, diesel loco system working, stripping and overhauling of ‘Alco' engines and trouble shooting.

Officials said this was the second batch of technical personnel from Benin to undergo training in diesel loco maintenance at the Golden Rock Railway Workshop which in addition to carrying out periodic overhaul of diesel locomotives was also involved in the manufacture of wagons and steam engines.

First batch

The first batch from Benin underwent training in 2008.

The Benin team members worked along with the technical staff of the Golden Rock Railway Workshop as part of their hands-on training on diesel loco maintenance. The team members were given study materials.

They paid a visit to the Diesel Loco Shed at Ponmalai here.

The workshop has exported “in-service” metre gauge locomotives to Benin and other third world countries after carrying out necessary modifications in them.

In addition to the Benin technical team, the workshop has also imparted training to railway technical personnel from Tanzania, Senegal, Mozambique and Sudan.